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For today and tomorrow

As a young dynamic practice, WTA focuses on the idea of a better future. What is done today must not only be able to function and sustain itself in the world of tomorrow, but improve it. What is built today is detrimental to its current and future surroundings. We want to shape the world for the better. This means that we are committed to working with: Green technologies to ensure sustainability; Innovation to ensure long lasting solutions; and Quality to ensure durability and ultimate customer satisfaction. The future is an exciting place for us. In the past ten years we have grown from a small team of three people to a dynamic office of over 20, working on three different continents. Being prepared for the future has enabled us to grow rapidly but also sustainably. All our staff are trained to the highest standards and undergo continuous training. This enables us to be a trilingual practice working to American, British and European international standards and norms.

Green Technologies

Creating systems that are sustainable is of central importance to our company. We see ourselves as part of the frontline in the effort to Green our modern world. When approaching projects we always think ‘Green’. WTA are members of the US Green Building Council. We encourage all our clients to follow Green solutions and aim for all our buildings to follow the LEED accreditation process. Sustainability is one of the greatest challenges facing our world today, and engineering companies do play a vital role.


As a young team, approaching projects with innovation and creativity is how we deliver our competitive edge. Thinking about design in a non-orthodox framework for the benefit of our clients is our primary approach. The challenge of new ideas that comes with using the latest innovations and technologies is what we thrive on. Further to this, we always try to ensure that seamless cooperation occurs between the architect, the owner and ourselves. This is especially important when innovative techniques are used; we always seek innovation with the fundamental principal that it should make our clients’ lives more comfortable and less complicated.


To ensure that we take on the challenges of new technologies, quality is at the heart of our practice. All of our staff are subject to continuous training programs both at local training centers and through attending international seminars. We have a rigorous system of quality control to ensure that all our projects are monitored and checked to guarantee the best standards and results.
Our quality & Safety Environmental Management System is certified for the design & supervision of mechanical, electrical and plumbing works in accordance to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 standard requirements.
It is through these three principals of sustainability, innovation and quality that we have built our reputation and will continue to build our growth. The future is an important place for us and our principals are based on the idea that future success is based on looking ahead.