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After working 10 years for various engineering consultancy firms, Wissam Tawil, Mechanical Engineer, set up his own office in Beirut, Lebanon in 2001, in a small workspace with just two other CAD operators, focusing operations on small-scale mechanical work projects. Through the dedication of this small team, the company offered clients an optimized design on time and within the set budget. It was through this ethos of a commitment to quality that the company was able to grow rapidly. In 2006, Dikran Mouradian, Electrical Engineer with the same consultancy background, joined the team to complete the foundations of Wissam Tawil & Associates SAL (WTA). The expansion has occurred despite the difficult economic and political climate that Lebanon has suffered from over the past ten years, based on the commitment and belief that there is always a demand, regardless of the conditions, for high quality design.

In less than ten years the company has moved from designing projects of a few thousands dollars to multimillion dollar projects. WTA is now a thriving multinational and multidisciplinary engineering company, with a sizable portfolio. The company specializes in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design and supervision. At this time, over 20 members have joined the team and projects are currently ongoing in the Congo, West Africa, North Africa, the Levant and the Gulf.

WTA has a strict quality control policy that ensures that the best possible results are achieved consistently. Throughout the company’s expansion, measures have been taken to ensure that high quality design is continuously delivered. The company’s growth has never been achieved at the expense of quality, sustainability being at the heart of WTA operations. To deliver the quality the company’s clients expect, all the staff at WTA are highly trained, trilingual and internationally accredited. The company has the capacity to deliver projects in English, Arabic and French. Further to this, the practice has a wide knowledge of different local standards due to the wide geographical spread of the work undertaken. WTA ensures that all team members have continuous training both locally and internationally.

In the globalized world of today, WTA not only offers global solutions but also ensures international standards.